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Swagelok Cambridge

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Understanding pressure regulator performance is critical to successfully designing, installing and operating an effective fluid system. This webinar will focus on the core aspects of pressure regulator performance: lock-up, droop and choked flow. In discussing these topics, we will also cover the operating theory of regulators in order to better understand what drives these key performance characteristics.

Webinar Topics

  • Types of pressure regulators and basic operation
  • Balance of forces
  • Control, loading and sensing elements dictating regulator behavior 
  • Droop
  • Choked Flow
  • Supply Pressure Effect
  • Flow Curves

About the Speaker: Jon Kestner, Swagelok Field Engineer

In his current role, Jon leads a highly skilled team of regional Swagelok Field Engineers who help customers solve their most challenging application issues in the northern US and Canada. From 2015 until earlier this year, he was Product Manager for Regulators, helping to deliver product and technical solutions that significantly boosted end user productivity and profitability. Jon’s other Swagelok experience includes stints as a Technical Service Engineer and Product Manager for General Industrial Valves.

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