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Swagelok Cambridge

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The Swagelok Measure-Bend method was designed for installers who need to bend 1/8”-1/2” tubing accurately on the job without the aid of a computer or calculator. In participating in this concise 90-minute course, attendees will gain valuable knowledge and experience in the theory and practice of tube bending. Attendees will then learn the Measure-Bend method through several hands-on exercises using the Swagelok hand tube bender.

Upon completion of this course attendees will be able to:

  • Bend tubing quickly and accurately with minimal preparation and without the aid of a tube-bend calculator
  • Identify hand tube bender components, terminology, and types of bends
  • Measure and determine the tubing length needed for an offset bend
  • Demonstrate tubing routing and tube support best practices
  • Identify the necessary tubing leg lengths needed to ensure a proper tube fitting seal

Course Details

Audience: Field Installers, Maintenance & Operations Personnel, Safety Supervisors and Maintenance Managers

Class duration: 90 Minutes

Cost: $125.00 per attendee

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