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Swagelok Cambridge

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Customer Testimonials

As a buyer for a company and the importance of purchasing product and having it arrive on a timely manner, I felt a need to comment on Swagelok.  I have been dealing with this company for a number of years now.  This supplier is highly respected on my list.  Their Customer Service is great which in my field is so important.  You ask for a quote, you receive it in no time.  When placing orders I receive confirmations in a timely manner.  If there is an issue with my order, I am notified and the issue is rectified in a timely manner.  Sending an email to them, they get back to you right away.  Communication and Customer Service with Swagelok I place in high regard.  It is a great company to deal with and the employees there are wonderful and friendly to work with. 

-Donna DeAngelis , Nuvera Fuel Cells