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Swagelok Cambridge

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If you are tasked with reducing costs while maintaining performance, reliability, and safety in your critical fluid systems, the GB series ball valve from Swagelok is for you. Designed to reduce installation, maintenance, and inventory costs while meeting pressure and flow specifications, this full-flow valve delivers the performance and quality you’ve come to expect from Swagelok products while protecting your bottom line.


GB Series Technology – Advantages

Compatible with your applications

GB series ball valves are designed to perform in harsh environments and in applications with aggressive media, and there are a variety of available material and construction options that allow design engineers to achieve the compatibility and longevity required.

  • Swagelok dual-certified 316/316L stainless steel material
  • Other options include: 6-Moly, Alloy 2507, Alloy 625, Alloy 825, and Alloy C-276
  • Available with API 607 Fire Safety rating
  • Can be configured for sour gas service with materials of construction selected in accordance to NACE MR0175/ISO 15156

Easy to install, easy to configure

GB series ball valves feature a standardized design and a variety of configuration options to reduce inventory requirements while maintaining ease of installation and use.

  • Integral Swagelok end connections help minimize costs related to purchasing, installing, and testing additional fittings while creating consistency with existing systems
  • The bolt pattern enables connection of an optional lockout handle, panel mount kit, or an ISO 5211 pneumatic actuator
  • Bidirectional flow and shutoff capabilities (in non-API 607 valves) simplify installation by removing the potential for incorrect valve orientation during assembly

Safety and Reliability

the GB series is configured in either a two- or three-piece construction, with a crimped, mechanically locked end screw design to avoid accidental disassembly and increase safety.

  • live-loaded seats maintain shutoff at low and high pressure through changes in temperature
  • Valves undergo 100% assembly testing to ensure they will provide leak-tight service
  • Body seals designed for hydrostatic system proof testing up to the maximum rated pressure
  • Proven seat design and factory testing provides greater confidence in seat performance


   Body Materials
316 stainless steel, alloys 6-Mo, 2507, 625, 825, and C-276
   Seat Materials
End Connections

3/8 to 1 in.; 12 to 25 mm

For more information please contact your fluid solution specialist.