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Swagelok Cambridge

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Swagelok-Sponsored Training

Swagelok Cambridge offers an array of courses taught by Swagelok-certified trainers at a variety of locations. These courses include both theoretical and practical training. Technicians, engineers, and maintenance technicians who take the courses will increase their skill level, knowledge, and efficiency. Please note: The Steam System Optimization course is industry-specific.

Features of Swagelok-Sponsored Training

  • Reliable, dependable fluid system performance that results in safer workplaces begins with proper installation.
  • Swagelok-certified training delivers top quality instruction at locations and times convenient for you.
  • Your local Sales and Service Center can help you get your workforce trained on correct installation and assessment techniques that are essential for reliable system performance.
  • Choose from a range of courses -- please see course descriptions below.

Course Descriptions

Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS)

  • Basic performance criteria and challenges.
  • Diagnosing and fixing time delay problems.
  • Sample conditioning techniques.
  • Sample tap design.
  • Phase preservation.
  • Advanced calculations.
  • Techniques of stream switching.

Sample System Problem Solving and Maintenance Training Course (SSM)

  • Theory and understanding behind what makes a sample system efficient, and the components used with these systems.
  • In-depth discussion of how to recognize if a problem exists, along with how to repair and how to maintain a sample system in a safe manner, resulting in less downtime.
  • Hands-on, practical troubleshooting techniques and corrective actions to improve sample system accuracy and efficiency.

Orbital Welding

  • Basic welding principles and the fundamentals of orbital welding.
  • Hands-on, comprehensive review of orbital welding.
  • Equipment enables attendees to setup, operate, and troubleshoot equipment and critique weld quality.
  • Information regarding the Swagelok M200 power supply, weld heads, fixturing, and the tube facing tool.
  • Includes weld sample submission for ASME Section IX Weld qualification.

Advanced Tube Bending

  • How to set up and operate all three Swagelok tube benders.
  • Use of the Swagelok Method of Tube Bending to accurately locate and lay out multiple bends on straight tubing prior to bending.
  • Other topics include:
    • Single bends
    • Multiple bends
    • Making bends from both directions
    • Bend dimensioning (from blueprints)
    • Accurately positioning tubing for changes in plane
    • How to maintain equal spacing on parallel tubing runs
  • Applications require the attendees to bend tubing into precise shapes as specified on sketches, blueprints, as well as from actual measurements taken by the attendees from actual fluid system components.

Steam Basics

  • Overview of the properties of steam and steam systems.
  • Steam Basics 1 attendees learn critical areas of steam system management including steam cost calculations, flash steam, steam traps, and water hammer.
  • Other topics include steam fundamentals, steam quality, steam system components, flash steam recovery, and safety.
  • Steam Basics 2 expands on the topics included in Steam Basics 1. Includes review of Steam Basics 1, boilers, heat recovery, steam piping, condensate piping, expansion, and insulation.

Industry-Specific Steam System Optimization

  • Customized for the industry and specifically designed to address the needs of process and plant engineers. Available courses:
    • Refinery and Chemical Steam System Reliability, Safety, and Optimization.
    • Pharmaceutical Steam System Training.
    • Pulp and Paper Steam System, Reliability, Safety, and Optimization.
    • Food and Beverage Steam System Reliability, Safety, and Optimization.

Steam System Specialist Training

  • Designed to provide managers and engineers with a comprehensive understanding of their steam system.
  • Attendees learn how to identify opportunities for optimization while running a safe and reliable steam system.

Advanced Materials Training

  • Technical seminar that can be customized to meet local needs.
  • Addresses customer needs for material selection in customer applications with an emphasis on understanding and preventing corrosion.
  • High-value training for customers on materials and corrosion in typical customer applications.